New artworks made from pencils, wood and blank notebooks by Hsin-Wen Hsu

Cutting is the primary technique the artist used in this exhibit called Two-sided Book which runs from February 18 to March 26, 2017 at Powen Gallery, Taipei.

This work shows the artist’s decorative side, putting together these pencils into mandala-like figures enclosed in a wooden box frame.


The white papers cut on the top parts and placed on top of each other reveal a landscape which looks like a mountain range, a sea of clouds, a pond, tectonic plates, you name it.



In this work, the artist placed pliers that seem to cut off the sharp ends of the pencils. Right next to it, we see a cake server supported by a compass. This alludes to the ideals that knowledge should be shared and not just adhere to a set of standards. IMG_5549

The neck of the rocking horse has a tape measure wrapped around it. The pencils are arranged unevenly. The artist alludes to the current education in Taiwan, whereby only until 2014 when the government changed the education system (from 9 years, 6 years grade school, 3 years junior high) to 12 years (6 years gradeschool, 3 years junior high school, 3 years senior highschool).


This work looks like a floating island whose roots are made of an assemblage of short pencils.


These works are made of drawers and parts of dead tree branches attached to glass with white paint. The drawers reveal their own tiny landscape.



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