Emerging British Artists Caroline Walker, Nick Goss, and Neil Raitt Group Show, Curated by Tamar Arnon and Eli Zagury

As the artist Caroline Walker puts it in this article, “my painting practice explores the relationship of women to domestic space, and reflects on a history of representing women in art.” In her paintings, we see a lady lost in thought in front of a pool, in a household that looks like a mansion deprived of warmth. We also see a woman leaning against a railing, looking straight at the viewer who looks at the woman through blinds. The piece looks like the woman is behind bars of her domestic life.


Nick Gloss’s works look like they are in the midst of erasure.  “Most painters make a quick sketch and then build up the painting,’ he tells me. ‘I am always taking things away, using less and less of the original image.”[1]


Neil Raitt’s works are imbued with motifs that embody nature–cabins, snow-capped mountains, evergreen trees, etc. These motifs are painted repeatedly, creating a pattern. However, each repetition is unique in its own so that “your eye can see the pattern, and knows there is an imperfect repetition but can’t focus on what makes it so.”[2] With this repetition, the eyes are lured into looking at the painting, the thirst for predictability and order not quenched.


The show Currents runs from March 18 to April 23, 2017 at Lin & Lin Gallery, Taipei.


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