Fail to Reach: New Installation Work from Hsu Chiao Yen

The title of the exhibition Fail to Reach can mean two things: not being enough and not being able to achieve a certain purpose.

In order to evoke feelings of resilience amidst the hardships people face in their lives, Hsu Chiao Yen employs the serenity and beauty of landscape in his new installation work. In this exhibit, we see grass covered in snow, or a bird hoping for spring perched on a leafless branch and frozen from the cold. We also see leafless trees whose branches are cut off. These spots are painted black–the artist’s way of “covering” the wound, but the injury has become more obvious. There’s also a snow scene made from lime powder that smells like dust surrounded by a fence. According to the artist, this scene may be serene and beautiful, something that is not common, especially for a country like Taiwan where it never snows. But this beautiful scene can also bring about inconveniences–for instance, if the snow melts, it becomes dirty, cold, and slippery. We also see two canvases suspended in the air, holding water which drips into the buckets on the floor. This creates a sound of trickling water. For some people, it sounds relaxing, but for the artist, this sound makes him anxious because the trickling sound may mean that his house is old and there’s a water leak that needs fixing.

The show runs from 8 April to 6 May at Project Fulfill Art Space.






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