Young Art Taipei 2017: Japanese Artist Shiori Eda

Shiori Eda’s works are both surreal and figurative. We have a naked woman in bed, inside an oversized room bereft of furniture except for a bed. The bed is located underneath a window which is situated way up. Above the bed is a bulb suspended from the high ceiling, illuminating the spot where the naked woman sleeps. At the center, we see a window, capturing the moon, which also illuminates the semi-dark room. In another painting, we have two naked figures lounging by the window, overlooking the sky. It’s not yet dark because the whole room is still bright. Under the window, there’s a bed covered in cloth.

Eda’s works seem to transport us to a world that is abandoned and yet her characters still remain to stay and act normal, this abandonment their comfort zone. The figures in her works take a leisure stance in her stark landscapes. We don’t see their melancholia being played out.

You can see more of Eda’s works here and here.

Young Art Taipei is an annual hotel fair that features works of young contemporary artists under 45 from all over the world. It also aims to establish a platform for international art galleries in Asia.

Photos were taken with permission from the gallery.



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