Young Art Taipei 2017: Spanish Photographer García de Marina

I love it when artists use everyday objects and turn them into something else. Spanish photographer García de Marina’s photographs are downright creative and witty. He manipulates found objects and positions them in such a way that tells a totally different story. We see a piece of paper impaled on a drawing compass. One of the legs of the compass is bent at an angle. The new object is then photographed to resemble the lower half of a ballerina. Or, we see two stainless steel turners that resemble the legs of a duck and in between them lies an egg.

De Marina’s works are playful and tickles the mind. For more of his works, click here.

Young Art Taipei is an annual hotel fair that features works of young contemporary artists under 45 from all over the world. It also aims to establish a platform for international art galleries in Asia.

Photos were taken with permission from the gallery.

我很欣賞人會把普通的東西變成完全意料外卻可以呈現出有趣畫面的東西,西班牙攝影家Garcia de Marina的作品絕對都有原創性,而且很幽默,比如說,在圓規上面放著一張紙,圓規的腳打開,這個圖像看起來像一個芭蕾伶娜。此外,有兩個鍋鏟垂直放置,在其中間有一個雞蛋,讓我們聯想一隻正在下蛋的雞。






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