Izumi Akiyama’s Still Life XI (2015)

no.11stilllife1130F72.790.92015Photo courtesy Izumi Akiyama, Still Life XI (2015), pencil on paper, 727 mm X 909 mm

The first time I saw this work was at the Taipei Art Fair last November 2016.  There are two candles on the floor. Since the foreground takes up a little bit more than half of the space and the horizontal line traverses the center part of the candles, we can assume that the perspective is that of someone squatting in front of the candles. The candles are different in size and shape. The one on the left is spiral and thin, while the one on the right is short and thick. These differences may lead us to think: which candle will burn out first–the spiral one or the thick one that melts inwards when it tunnels? Both are lit, illuminating the dark room.

The thing that struck me most about this artwork is the way it alludes to human experience. It reminds me how even though we’re with other people, we’re still alone and left to our own devices to survive.


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