Works by Desire Obtain Cherish (D.O.C.) aka Jonathan Paul available for viewing at Bluerider ART Taipei

Working under the alias Desire Obtain Cherish, Jonathan Paul creates satirical artworks to delineate our current society’s attitude towards sex, gender, drugs, commerce, media and fame. For him, “Art is really just a mirror of ourselves.”

Pieces collected here are available for viewing at Bluerider ART, Taipei from 23 May to 1 July.


This appropriation work contains a playful narrative: Picasso holding Gary Cooper’s gun, Warhol-inspired gun prints shooting as the object bursts into bubbles, arranging themselves into Damien Hirst’s spot paintings, and finally culminating in gold bars wrapped in foil. This mixed media seems to create a statement that our society is obsessed with assigning a price on an artwork that is way more than its actual value.

This artwork uncovers the unpleasant truth about our society’s consumption of designer products to quell inner conflicts.


The artist stacked cheap plastic flowers on top of one another and placed DOC pills on some of them, representing the illusion of the American dream that it’s all good and prosperous, but deep down there are problems that are not readily seen. Like for instance, our use of prescription drugs while we try to pull ourselves together.


Hershey’s chocolate is a popular chocolate when the DOC was growing up in California. Hershey’s chocolate bars are arranged like a melting cross. The chocolate was so popular that it “has taken on a fanatical worship among its followers.”


This creative and witty appropriation work is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s Knives and Lucio Fontana’s Spatial Concept: Expectation. A perfect match indeed!


Part of his Disposable Series, this sculpture alludes to man’s tendency to treat things and people as disposable. This is a sculpture of a discarded lollipop, barely touched and melting under the sunlight. When asked where the idea came from, the artist said, “The idea for the series came to me after I had dinner with a friend years ago. She told me she was breaking up with her boyfriend. I asked what was wrong, and she said, ‘Nothing’s wrong, I’m just kind of bored. Onto the next!’” (via Artsy)


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