Project Fulfill Art Space Taipei presents the dual exhibition of Hong Kong artist Stephen Wong Chun Hei and Japanese artist Kenichiro Fukumoto

Stephen Wong Chun Hei and Kenichiro Fukumoto explore the relationship of man and nature in their paintings.

Collected here are works available for viewing at Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei from 20 May to 24 June.

Address: 1F., No.2, Alley 45, Lane 147, Sec. 3, Sinyi Rd. Taipei 10658, Taiwan (Google Maps) Tel: +886-2-2707-6942

At first glance Wong Chun Hei‘s works are about nature–forests, mountains, and trees looming over and dominating the landscape. However, after giving each work some time, one notices that they are dotted with people who seem to be on a pilgrimage, in the middle of a ritual or celebration, or simply on a trip to escape urban living. The brush strokes are soft and short, giving off a feeling of stillness. Life, indeed, is slower when spent outdoors, in nature. You can find more of his works on Facebook.


Kenichiro Fukumoto‘s paintings of plants set in urban setting stand in sharp contrast to Wong Chun Hei’s works. Years ago, Fukumoto went on a trip to Southeast Asia to visit some wild forests. The chaos found in nature inspired him to focus on nature as his subject, gradually shifting to ornamental plants found in urban areas later on. Looking at his works, one can feel that these plants represent our attempts to bring nature back to us. For more of his works, visit his website.



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