Taiwanese artist Huang Cheng Yuan’s paintings of human figures that reveal the vast expanse of the subconscious

The first time I saw this series of paintings was at the Art Taipei last November. Huang Cheng Yuan uses ink wash painting techniques to interpret Western artistic thoughts. No wonder his works clearly show an amalgamation of the traditional Chinese painting and the modern Western abstract painting.

His works are full of electrifying lines–straight, bent, jagged, unpredictable–forming human figures in constant state of motion. In his paintings, you might see people swimming across the dark water, or a person lying on the sand or a flat surface. Huang’s works resemble sketches made of acrylic and charcoal, and sometimes coffee. For him, the movement found in his paintings is reminiscent of the physical labor he experienced as a child. After school, he would work in the field. This inner energy has been translated into his paintings over the years. Working on his paintings is like painting his inner self until it is revealed, or perhaps provoking the viewers to take a look at the inner language of their subconscious.

To learn more about his works, you can visit Yes Art  or take a look at his Facebook page.

JpegJpegJpegHuang Cheng Yuan painting 1Photo courtesy of yesart.com.tw

huang cheng yuan painting 2

Photo courtesy of yesart.com.tw


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