Korean sculptor Park Seung Mo’s portrait of a lady made of stainless steel wire

Park Seung Mo put together layers of stainless steel mesh to form the face of a woman he has never met in person. The woman, as the story goes, surfaced in his dream and he can’t seem to forget her face. The edges of the portrait are frayed. Some parts are meticulously snipped off to simulate the light that is being cast onto the face. The piece is a little more than an inch thick and the wire mesh loosely attached to each other, giving the artwork  a three-dimensional quality. As part of the Maya (meaning ‘illusion’ in Sanskrit) series, this artwork is a good introduction to the artist’s oeuvre.

You’ll see how the artist works in this Youtube video. The piece below is currently being exhibited with other artworks from Korea at Art Issue Projects in Taipei.

You can view more of the artist’s works on his website.

Park Seung Mo 把不銹鋼網層疊在一起,形成一個他從來沒見到過的女性,這位女性據說是Park夢到的。肖像的邊緣都鬚化了,為了表現出光線投射到他的臉上,Park把不銹鋼網的一些部分剪掉,這個作品比一英吋厚一點,賦予作品立體的質量。此作品是Maya系列(梵文:幻想)的其中一個部分,對藝術家的作品一個很好的介紹。






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