Japanese graphic designer Makoto Saito’s portraits of iconic images

One of the world’s renowned graphic designers, Makoto Saito blurs iconic images by applying small drops of paint of contrasting colors. This culminates into an outburst of colors that reveal the subject’s state of mind. As Saito said, “What I’m thinking now is, I would like to express not just the pretty surface of things, but also the internalized ugly parts as well.” Saito is a graphic designer, a poster designer, and an artist.

The pieces shown below are part of an on-going show at Whitestone Gallery in Taipei titled I Love Taiwan (Part 3).

You can see more of his works on Artsy.

Makoto Saito 是世界上最有名的平面設計師之一,他利用壓克力油漆小滴小滴地滴在著名的圖像上,來模糊圖像,藉由突出豐富的顏色,呈現出主題的心涵。Saito說:「我在想,我想要做的是不僅要表達事物美麗的表面,而且要表達他內在醜陋的部分。」除了平面設計以外,Saito也是海報設計師和藝術家。




Portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat X (2012), Oil ink and acrylic on canvas, 195.7 x 160.4 cm


Portrait of B.B. (2014), Oil on canvas, 170 x 175 cm



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