Chinese artist Chen Cheng-Wei’s realistic paintings of the bygone era 中國藝術家陳承衛舊時代的擬真畫作

Chen Cheng-Wei’s paintings are very realistic that I feel like the subjects in the paintings are going to step out of the frame anytime. The chiaroscuro employed by the artist highlights the realism in each work. They’re so realistic that they also look surreal. The paintings, upon closer view, invites the viewers to formulate a narrative. A young lady waiting for her suitor. Two sisters expressing different views. A lady looking straight right at us, inviting us to look back. The artist’s works tackle relationships between his subjects as well as between the subject and the viewers.

The pieces collected here are part of an ongoing exhibit titled Being and Nothingness at Chini Gallery, Taipei.

You can view more of his works included in the exhibition here.







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