Taiwanese Artist Wu Hsi-Chi’s mixed media on paper depict man’s intimacy with nature 台灣藝術家吳熙吉描繪人與自然的親密關係

For 15 years, Wu Hsi-Chi has been creating abstract oil paintings. In the past three or four years, he has embarked on a new mode of expression using oil pastel. His new series, which remind me of prints, tackles man’s relationship with nature. The skies, the hills, the mountains, and the seas in his paintings are drawn with strong and vivid lines which according to the artist signify the present-day technological advances that require signals and radio waves. The artist applies the oil pastel generously across the paper and scrapes off the top surface to keep the excess pastel from flaking off. By painting man alongside nature, the artist attempts to relive his childhood spent along the coast in the mining town of Jinguashi. The artist now lives in Yilan, in northeastern Taiwan.

The pieces collected here are part of an ongoing exhibition titled Solemn Figures at Powen Gallery, Taipei.





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