Taiwanese artist Lo Yi-Chun’s use of banana peels to create artworks that show the socio-political condition of our time 台灣藝術家羅懿君的裝置藝術

In 2014, Lo Yi-Chun put up a three-part installation show called Banana Justice – The Drama of Global Trades and Riots which was done when the artist was having her residency in the US. The project takes a socio-political stance on the trade between US fruit companies and Latin American countries and the ensuing mistreatment of banana workers, military suppression and coup d’état. It also talks about the employee strike in Massachusetts in which the workers protested and the students protests in Hong Kong.

The artist collected the banana peels from a local ice cream shop, grocery stores, and fundraising events and let them dry. Afterwards, she positions them in such a way to create forms that she likes. She used the same material and process for her project in Japan called Banana in Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines which deals with the multinational banana trade between Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. (via Art Radar)

Some of her works from this residency is being exhibited at Galerie Nichido in Taipei.

You can see more of the artist’s works on her website.

2014年,羅懿君在美國駐村時,展出了三個部分的裝置藝術,展題叫「Banana Justice–The Drama of Global Trades and Riots」,這個計畫表達他對美國水果企業與拉丁美洲國家之間的貿易關係、香蕉工人被虐待的遭遇、軍事壓制與引發的政變,以及當時麻薩諸塞州員工的罷工事件和香港學生的抗議活動之立場。

藝術家從冰淇淋專賣店、超市和籌款活動收集香蕉皮,先讓皮自動陰乾,再用乾燥的香蕉皮進行創作。羅懿君在日本進駐時也用香蕉皮與同樣的方式收集材料展出了不同的裝置藝術,這次展題叫「Banana in Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines」,這個計畫呈現出日本、台灣、菲律賓之間的香蕉貿易。



artist village

From “Banana in Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines”, 2013, Photo courtesy of the artist (via website)


From “Banana Justice – The Drama of Global Trades and Riots”, 2014, Photo courtesy of Art Radar Journal








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