Lin Pang-Soong’s ink on paper shows intricate images of Taiwan

Apex Lin, also known as Lin Pang-Soong, unfolds Taiwan’s beautiful terrain through his ink on paper. What’s so special about his works is his use of pointillism as technique.

Lin Pang-Soong is also “regarded as the most influential image-maker and design educator in Taiwan. His distinctive creations, which draw heavily on Taiwan’s flora, fauna and geography, hang in the National Museum of History, Taipei, and in other international galleries.” (via Ideas on Design)

The works below show images of Taiwan drawn with various intricate flora species or patterns. Whenever the artist goes travelling, he draws Taiwan on postcards and writes a message to himself and sends them back to his home in Taiwan.


Here, guests are invited to get small-sized duplicates of images of Taiwan made by Lin Pang-Soong and paint them with markers and write their wishes. Afterwards, these cards are tied onto the strings suspended midair.


The artist (right) discusses his works with the guests.


Lin Pang-Soong’s ink on paper shows the terrain of Taiwan shrouded in clouds. Here the artist used pointillism as technique which captures the nuances of the terrain. It’s as if the clouds are “alive” and moving.


Lin Pang-Soong’s solo exhibition A State of Being – The Art of Lin Pang-Soong at 60 runs from 4 July to 31 July at Huashan 1914 Creative Park – Hall Center 4, Room A3, No. 1, Sec. 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City. The show is hosted by Loftyart Gallery.


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