Taiwanese photographer Simon Chang captures the lives of refugees in Slovenia

Freelance photographer Simon Chang has been living in Slovenia for seven years. In 2015, Hungary built a fence to keep thousands of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan out. In Chang’s latest solo exhibition titled The Left Atrium, The Right Ventricle at Xue Xue Institute in Taipei, Chang documents the lives of these refugees from the point of view of an immigrant. He also photographed mental health patients at Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, the largest mental institution in Prague, for three years. Looking at Chang’s photographs is taking a peek into the lives of people and realizing that we’re essentially the same regardless our differences in residence or current state of mind.

“Many people ask me why I like photographing ‘the marginalized,’ but who are the marginalized? These people are the ones dealing with their issues, and we know nothing about their problems. Oftentimes we’re probably just making assumptions, and from this point of view, we are the ones that are marginalized,” says Chang. (via The News Lens)

The photos collected here are part of the exhibition titled The Left Atrium, The Right Ventricle which runs from 5 May to 27 August at Xue Xue Institute in Taipei.

You can see more of the artist’s works on Facebook and on his website.


Other photographs included in the exhibit:



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