Isa Ho captures the lives of artists living in Westbeth Artists’ Housing in her photographs

Westbeth Artists’ Housing is a housing and commercial complex dedicated to providing artists affordable living and working spaces. The housing complex is named after West and Bethune Streets in Manhattan. The renowned photographer Diane Arbus lived there until her suicide in 1972. The actor Vin Diesel grew up there with other kids of artist parents. Up to now the actor’s parents still live there and he visits them.

Isa Ho captures the unique lives of these senior artists, 60% of whom are in their 70s and 30% are in their 60s. It is indeed an aging population. Through Ho’s pictures, we can see how these artists were able to live authentically, unfazed by the social construct imposed by the outside world.

The works collected here are part of Ho’s Westbeth series and are part of an ongoing exhibition at Double Square Gallery in Taipei.

You can see more of the artist’s works on her website.

IMG_7476You can ride these electric wheelchairs as you view the gallery.


Some of the works of the artists are hung on the walls. Books that mentioned Westbeth were bookmarked and displayed on the shelves.


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