Swiss artist Marck’s video sculptures that explore how women are viewed in today’s society

Marck’s works are a combination of ” films and videos, multimedia based projects, performances, music and sculptural as well as kinetic objects”(via Red Sea Gallery). The women in Marck’s video sculptures are locked in narrow spaces. There’s a feeling of oppression, claustrophobia, and helplessness just by looking at them. However, Marck does not want his works to solely veer towards women’s politics. Instead, he believes that his works represent what the society thinks of women and their status in the world they live in. For the artist, his works do not provide answers but he wants the audience to raise questions.

You can see more of his works on his website.

The pieces collected below are part of the exhibition titled The Box currently open for viewing at Bluerider ART in Taipei until 28 October.







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