Yang Hsing-Sheng’s paintings of Taiwanese Landscapes

In the article The Essence of Taiwan: The Journey of Yang Hsing-Sheng, Art History Professor Li Chin-Hsien writes, “For decades, the landscape paintings of Yang Hsing-Sheng start from Tamsui and extend to different corners of Taiwan. Yang targets rural locations that are yet to be developed in an attempt to capture the essence of Taiwan. The images are peaceful, succinct, and mellow, without any trace of impurities from technology or culture.”

Most of Yang’s works are imbued with warm colors as if the sun never sets in his paintings.

Sesame Farm (I-lan County)Sesame Farm (Yilan County), 1997, Photo courtesy of  Ravenel International Art Group


Tamsui Old Street Alley, 2013, Oil on canvas, Photo courtesy of Liberty Times

Landscape (triptych)

Landscape (triptych), 1986, Oil on paper, Photo courtesy of  Ravenel International Art Group

Green Landscape

Green landscape, Undated, Oil on canvas, Photo courtesy of  Ravenel International Art Group